Projects for implementation

Currently, the investment portfolio of the Fund includes 55 projects in 15 branches of economy. For a period from its establishment until 1 January 2015 the Fund received 509 investment projects for a total amount of more than 2.4 billion KZT. In different years, the Fund withdrew from 9 projects with 100% return on investments for the amount of over 688 million KZT.

Khantau cement plant
Publication date : 23.12.2019

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Name of the asset

Khantau cement plant



Zhambyl region, Moiynkum area, Khantau rural district, Khantau village



  1. Buildings and structures with a total area of 10,879.6 sq. m., located on a land plot owned as a private property, with a total area of 30 ha.
  2. Production line for production of cement with an annual capacity of 500 000 tons of cement.


Additional information

  1. Developed, fenced territory;
  2. Availability of railway tracks;
  3. Own limestone and shale deposit located at a distance of 20 km from the enterprise;
  4. Modern laboratory;
  5. Operating enterprise;
  6. Automation of the entire process providing the ability to exercise control from a modern control unit;
  7. Steady demand for company's products.



Portland cement-M (PC) 400-D20


Options for cooperation

  • One-time purchase of property/in installments
  • Loan/lease
  • Trust management of property


Applications are accepted at the address: Nur-Sultan, Yesil district, Mangilik El St., building 55a, Baiterek Business Center, 3rd floor, Asset Management Department, tel.: +7 (7172) 559-596 (ext. 322, 329).